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Christopher Mark Jones’ early musical itinerary included busking in Paris, the English folk club circuit, tours of Denmark and Holland, the Bristol and Rotterdam festivals, BBC and Capitol radio appearances in London, then electric clubs in Boston. These days you can find him in small concert series,  house concerts and coffeehouses in the Midwest and the Eastern U.S. 

His 1978 album for Transatlantic No More Range to Roam was released in five countries and distributed in the U.S. by Rounder. After forays into rock, jazz and swing, and time off to raise two sons, 2010’s Heartland Variations marked a return to the soulful country and blues-inflected Americana narratives of the first recording. The dozen new songs of Suburban 2-Step were released in April of 2012 and found favor with folk DJs both nationally and internationally. His fourth album, Atlantica, was released in the Spring of of 2014 and reflects an expanded narrative palette including both urban and international themes. Incantations is in preparation for a 2016 release.

Notable quotes

"[Christopher] who sings in a rich voice that's just slightly rough around the edges, launched his own personal folk-blues revival with 2010's "Heartland Variations" and now a homespun-sounding new album he's called "Suburban 2-Step." The carefully crafted lyrics delve into small-town life ("Home at Last"), mature love ("High"), loneliness ("Mrs. Pennington"), travel ("Montreal Again," "Drivin' "), first-world problems ("Suburban 2-Step") and the larger society ("Numbers"). - Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. read full article...

"Christopher Jones: Original songs, impeccable guitar styles, great vocals, moving lyrics" - Musican and house concert host Annie Trimble read more...

[Suburban 2-Step] "...the sound is layered and
warm, and the best songs are perfectly suitable for radio play on stations aimed at grown-ups. Perhaps my favourites are “Home At Last”, a paean to homeownership, which seems almost trite when expressed that simply, but in reality articulates a heartfelt desire to
belong somewhere – and for somewhere to belong - and “The Numbers”, a folk-pop future classic that has rooted itself in the part of my brain that prompts unsolicited outbreaks of song at completely inopportune moments." Rob F. for Leicester Bangs. read full review...

“Your songs are beautiful, full of thought and heart and craft.” Elizabeth Seamans, filmmaker

“It's a throw back to a time when songs were actually written about something real. What a powerful message. I'm appreciative that you are a true troubadour.” Anthony Frazier, host of the Acoustic Hour radio show on WCCS 1160 AM

[No More Range to Roam]“..there are real passionate songs with nice guitar solos (Morning Glory, Steelhead Blues), which put Jones midway between Jackson Browne and the Pousette-Dart Band.” Wiebren Rijkeboer at

[Suburban 2-Step] "In the end... the stories are what makes this album memorable. Particularly the overarching one of a midwestern kid who has seen the world as a musician and athlete, but is happy in the knowledge that, “what we have right now is better than old glory.” Max Jones




Friday, June 3, Comfortable Concerts, Gaithersburgh, MD

Fri June 17, Crazy Wisdom, Ann Arbor MI

Sat June 18, Trinity House Theater, Livonia MI

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