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“With Incantations, Christopher Mark Jones has created an album of songs with captivating lyrics, wide-ranging textures and exquisite instrumentation. The tracks incorporate talented accompanists that, like the mix itself, add layers and depth to the recording while still allowing Christopher's voice, lyrics and intricate guitar-playing to shine through." Larry Berger, Saturday Light Brigade

“Christopher Mark Jones is a bonafide storyteller in the mold of the classic folk troubadour. With Greg Brown's pacing and a Lyle Lovett attitude, Jones revels in catchy choruses and solid song structure." Ben Shannon, songwriter.

Incantations is filled with the things that make Christopher Mark Jones a Pittsburgh pleasure – comfortable song settings in tight arrangements, brought to life by The Roots Ensemble and several other contributors, all supporting Jones’ voice as husky and warm as carded wool. Brian Junker, SongSpace

Christopher uses the palette of American roots music to weave his tales of families, lovers, workers, travel and hope.” Robin Greenstein, songwriter.

"Railway Track" (Incantations) Official music video

"The Trapper's Wife" live at Studio 256.

"Home At Last" live at Studio 256.

"Caravan" live at Steamworks Creative

Christopher Mark Jones' Youtube channel