Booking & Contact Information

E-mail Christopher Mark Jones or Make a booking enquiry

Telephone: 412-561-5713 (home)
412-576-4886 (cell)

Availability: The 2014 mini-tour dates available are: Southeast - June 4-8, New England - June 26-29, Mid-Atlantic - October 9-12, Michigan - October 17-19, Texas - November 6-9 . Enquiries outside of these periods are always welcome.

More flexible booking is available in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Michigan

I am based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In Michigan and northern Ohio I am available solo and as a trio (second guitar & bass). Live trio performance.

In Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and near West Virginia, I can perform solo or with up to four additional musicians (bass, drums, pedal steel/2nd guitar, mandolin) that we call the Roots Ensemble.

Check with Christopher for performance formats in other regions.

I am now affiliated with Concerts In Your Home, an organization that works to put acoustic artists and house concert hosts together. Click below to find out more, or go directly to my Concerts In Your Home page.

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